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Dermaplaning 101

Storytime: when I was about fourteen or so, I was invited to a wedding, and it was my first one, ever. So I decided that I wanted to look good for said wedding, and I would get my entire face waxed. Don’t ask me why I thought this was the answer to looking good, because there is absolutely no logic to it. I was fourteen, okay?

Now, I have a high pain tolerance. I think most women do. However, when that waxer ripped off a huge, smooth piece of stripless wax from my cheek, attempting to remove the peach fuzz, everything went WHITE. I would say the pain was up there with a bikini wax. Maybe not a full Brazilian, but definitely bikini line. Afterwards, my skin was tender, red, itchy, and not-at-all happy.

This then got me thinking: how the heck are you supposed to remove that fuzz from your face? After that ordeal, I knew that attempting to wax off my peach fuzz wasn’t going to be an option. I’m a generally hairy person, and while I appreciate it in certain areas, like the top of my head, it can also be a nuisance, especially when coupled with sensitive skin. So then what?

Let’s fast forward through a many questionable years using various gadgets in an attempt to de-fuzz my face, and enter: dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning has been incredibly popular recently, and for good reason. It’s one of those treatments that just really doesn’t have a downside. There’s no downtime, you get immediate results, and it gives you that sought-after glow we all want to cultivate. So what is dermaplaning?

If I’m being blunt: dermaplaning is just shaving your face. Really. But if we want to be fancy about it--and we do, because this is a medical-grade procedure, meaning you need a licensed provider to perform it--then we can say that dermaplaning is a professional exfoliating procedure, one that uses a medical-grade scalpel to “scrape” the surface of the skin, gently removing peach fuzz and dead skin.

Take note here: these are not the little face razors you can buy from Amazon, or Target, or wherever. Those are perfectly fine for hair removal, but it’s an entirely different treatment from dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a much deeper treatment, which is why it involves a licensed provider and a scalpel. For the most part, it’s safe for all skin types. The only people who shouldn’t get a dermaplaning treatment are those with any inflammatory-type conditions, like rosacea or keratosis pilaris, or those with inflamed acne. And, as always, if you’re prone to cold sore breakouts, you absolutely need to let your practitioner know. Without going into too much detail, you’ll usually need to be on a preventative oral anti-herpes medication and the provider will need to make sure to avoid the area. If not, the cold sores can spread due to microtears in the skin. Yeesh!

Now, even if you don’t have any of those conditions, you might notice a bit of redness after your treatment. That’s totally normal. Although dermaplaning absolutely does not hurt, a scalpel is sliding across your skin, removing skin and hair, and it’s fine if you have minor redness for a bit afterwards.

You should take note, though, that your skin barrier will be more vulnerable post-dermaplane. It’s important to be careful with SPF and make sure to reapply, as your skin is more susceptible to sun damage afterwards. In addition, because your skin barrier is more “open”, you don’t necessarily want to slap a bunch of makeup on top. Let you skin breathe post-treatment. Your provider will most likely apply product and SPF and/or will make their own recommendations, but generally, a deeply hydrating product with something like hyaluronic acid is your best bet.

Also note that your products are going to absorb way better. The first time I got a dermaplaning treatment, I was shocked at how much excess product I had when I did my skincare that night. You’d be surprised at how “thirsty” your skin is after your treatment, and how much better it’s able to absorb.

Another note that’s important: even if you’re a Talkative Tammy, dermaplaning is the time to give your provider the silent treatment. Although your provider should be an experienced professional, they’re still human, and a human holding a sharp blade to the many difficult curves of your face. Do your best to stay still and make their job easy, and your treatment safe. Plus, dermaplaning is weirdly relaxing. It’s sort of a gentle scratching sensation, one that’s more pleasant than you might imagine. So, stay quiet, go into your happy place, and enjoy!

The other great thing about dermaplaning is that there’s no real commitment to it. You can do it once a season, or up to once a month. There’s no downside to doing it regularly, but if you only want to do it occasionally, you’ll still reap the benefits every time. However, you should note that this is an exfoliating procedure, so be gentle with your skin when you do have a treatment. Be careful with retinol and glycolic acid products, for example, and like I said earlier, make sure you’re watching your sun exposure and are reapplying SPF.

Last but not least, let’s address the age old question: will shaving my hair make it grow back thicker? Nope! This is 100% a myth. The hair will have a different texture as it’s growing back, but it’s definitely not coming back thicker, and you’re definitely not going to start having crazy hair growths or anything. However, what you will have is brighter skin, a fuzz-free face, and, of course, a nice, dewy glow--all because you let someone (professionally) shave your face. Cheers to that!

Layla Raz

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