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Roundup: Top Tips on Staying Youthful

Most of the posts I write are in-depth, because I love to dive deep into a topic, cover all the nitty-gritty science, and give a full view of whatever it is I’m talking about. Recently, however, I was coming up with topics that were too short for a blog, but not necessarily short enough to add in to a different post. That’s why I decided on this “roundup”, if you will, of tips that most people don’t think about, and most people should practice to slow aging.

Tip #1: Take Care of Your Hands

Our hands receive SO much attention, but not in the Tender-Loving-Care type of way, unfortunately. Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun and other elements, dried out due to regular handwashing, and used for just about every activity you can think of, from typing to dishwashing to supporting you in that 30-second plank you told yourself you’d do for a full minute (we’ve all been there). So, here’s my advice: dote on your hands like you would a lover. Treat them kindly. Moisturize regularly, a few times a day if you can, or at least once by doing a deep moisturize-and-massage treatment at night. You should also be applying sunscreen to the back of your hands before you drive, or, if you want to be exceptionally posh, purchase driving gloves and wear those. I also think it’s important to get regular manicures, if you can. No polish necessary, but having someone manicure your nails and massage your arms is 1) extremely pleasant, and 2) going to help keep your hands exfoliated, hydrated, and groomed.

Tip #2: Work on Your Sleep

The basics: sleep is important for everything. From detoxing your brain to resting your body, sleep is one of those things that we all need to be getting enough of. Put the phone down, and try to get to bed at a decent hour. If you have trouble falling asleep, trying diffusing lavender oil, taking a hot bath 1-2 hours before bed, or taking a melatonin tablet (Xymogen makes a great quick-dissolve melatonin tablet that works within 30 minutes).

It’s also important to notice how you sleep. The two best sleep positions for your body are on your back (best for spinal alignment) and on your side with a pillow between your knees (best for digestion). Stomach sleepers: I hear you. I personally think stomach sleeping is one of the best things in life, along with avocado toast, Voluma, and Munchkin cats. Unfortunately, there’s no bonus to it. It’s bad for your body, all around. Try getting a beauty sleep pillow--it’s a type of pillow that prevents wrinkles if you sleep on your side, and provides perfect support if you sleep on your back. It can also help train you to sleep in a good position. Here are a few brands: the Envy Pillow, Sleep&Glow, and YourFacePillow. Take a look around and see what sounds best to you. They all have different pros and cons, including major differences in price point, which I find can often be the deciding factor. Remember that even if you’re fully treated with Botox, you can still get sleep wrinkles, so it’s important to prevent them entirely.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget About Your Neck

Just like you should remember to blend foundation down onto your neck, you should remember to cleanse, moisturize, and treat your neck as well. Make sure you completely cleanse your neck during your normal morning & evening face washing, and use a neck-specific product. You can definitely bring your normal serums and moisturizers down onto your neck (down to the chest is even better), but the skin of the neck is completely different from the face, so you should also make sure to use a cream designed to help lift and firm the skin there. Nectifirm is a great product for this, and we sell it at Infinity, so if you’re a regular client, I recommend checking it out when you’re in.

Also, try to remember to bring your head up. We’re constantly looking down at our phones or computers, and that creates specific horizontal lines across the neck that become permanent quickly. Practicing good posture helps with back pain, gives you confidence, and helps the neck stay young and firm.

Tip #4 Stay Hydrated

Not just with water, although that’s important too. I mean keeping your skin hydrated, and that includes your whole body. Keep your face hydrated with good products, but make sure you don’t let the rest of your body dry out. My favorite routine: apply oil all over your body (I love the Eminence Stone Crop Body Oil) and then hop into the show. Don’t scrub at your skin or use a gel wash; just gently cleanse your skin with your hands and warm water, using circular motions. When you hop out of the shower and dry off, you’ll be amazed at how soft your skin is. You can also do a coconut-oil-and-sugar scrub (just dump the two ingredients together in a bowl and mix) before you get in the shower, for a little extra exfoliation. Just make sure not to slip!

Those are a few of my favorite self-care and anti-aging tips. Stay tuned for more!

Layla Raz

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