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Some Etiquette for Injectables

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When I started working as an MA at Infinity, I assumed I’d get typical questions, like whether it’s okay to lie down after Botox (don’t do it for four hours) and how to reduce bruising (arnica+ice). However, one of the most common questions I’m asked is the following:

“What do I tell people?”

Many of the women coming through our office are unsure of how to “explain” their treatment. Although your final outcome should be elegant and subtle, initially your results can look dramatic due to swelling. Even if it’s not, there’s often bruising at the injection site. Now, I was raised in a house where politeness was the end-all-be-all, so even if someone had huge duck lips, I’m aware it would be rude to ask about it. I would hope other people also follow this rule: if someone doesn’t offer the information, and you’re not besties for the resties, you probably should just leave that topic untouched.

However, from what I hear from our clients, there are a lot of nosy coworkers out there. So I’m going to give you some responses you can use to carefully diminish the conversation and turn it around to something not having to do with your face.

The #1 Answer:

“Oh, I just had a facial.”

This is my number one because it’s not far from the truth. It’s still a beauty treatment, and for those of us who have gotten medical-grade facials, we know how intense they can be. Extractions hurt. Sometimes more so than getting injectables. And they can cause red spots, swelling, and even bruising, depending on how deep they are. Plus, society seems to find facials socially acceptable, whereas some people still have hang-ups about Botox and fillers. Chances are, if you use this excuse the person asking will blow it off pretty quickly.

#2: “Oh gosh, I feel so self-conscious of my bruise/swelling/etc now!”

This should stop people in their tracks. It’s a polite way of telling someone that what they just said was nosy, and made you uncomfortable. If they have the social grace of a bulldozer, however, they still might inquire further. In which case, refer back to #1.

#3: “My bruise/swelling/etc is from my Botox/filler/etc treatment.”

Here’s my belief: honesty is often the best policy. I’m usually open about the treatments I’ve had, partially because I’m asked about it so often at work, and partially because I try not to care what other people think. If someone has an issue with what I do with my face, that seems like a bigger problem for them than it is for me. Listen: we’ve all had work done, to some degree. Everyone, man or woman, cares about their appearance to an extent. We get haircuts, whiten our teeth, wear perfume and cologne, and worry about our weight, acne, breath, etcetera. Granted, some of these are basic hygiene issues, but I see no difference between getting your hair highlighted and getting a touch of filler in your lips. Why is one “fake” and not the other? Both are altering your natural appearance. So I say, why not own what you do, and be up front about it? At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy. However, if you plain don’t want people to know your business, that’s totally understandable too. Just dab on some concealer, ice away, and if anyone asks, use responses #1 and #2 for a foolproof escape.

Layla Raz

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